Niche, inspired.

Experience the bold character of our finest cream liqueurs and whiskey selection. 



Niche Drinks is proud to be a manufacturer of fine spirits. Based in Northern Ireland, we partner with clients around the world to craft exceptional products that stand out in the marketplace and resonate with consumers. We strive for continuous improvement—building strong relationships with our clients and putting their needs first. With our outstanding process, people, and products, we’re on a journey to redefine the beverage manufacturing experience. And we hope you’ll join us.


To our established customers, welcome back. To new retailers and distributors, welcome. If you are interested in a partnership, please contact us at Our representatives will be with you shortly to guide you through the next steps.

Company History

Since 1983, we have been producing products of the highest quality for retail partners in Ireland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe. Additionally, we work with multinational drinks companies keen on us using our expertise to create brands for them to market and sell from Boston to Bangkok.

Our continued success has been built upon understanding that you can’t sell something that consumers don’t want to buy – and you can’t develop long-term business relationships with people unless you’re fair, open, and honest with them and provide products that move their business forward.

We have created an outstanding technical system that offers full product traceability, from a single defined cream source through to finished product either bottled or in bulk. This gives you the reassurance that if you carry a Niche Drinks brand, or if Niche Drinks produces your own label, you can be confident that we’ll stand by every ingredient in every bottle.

Offering a Complete Product Development Solution

We pride ourselves on being able to turn your concept into a finished product, ready to be placed on retailers’ shelves across the globe. 

We take your initial product idea and design a bespoke formulation tailored to consumer needs. Then, we test this formulation for long-term technical stability, while at the same time sourcing the most appropriate bottle and label design to ensure that your finished product has stand-out appeal on the shelf.

Once the formulation has passed all technical trials, we produce, bottle, and dispatch your finished product from our manufacturing site in Derry to anywhere in the world. So whether you want an Irish cream liqueur or a whiskey, we have the experience and skill to take your idea and turn it into a product which will allow you to compete in the highly competitive liqueur industry.